Kansas born and raised, Dr. Dorton’s passion for the health, care and wellbeing of animals is deep-seeded. His dream was well on its way when in 1982 he graduated from Kansas State University near the top of his veterinary medicine class. Shortly after graduation, he joined the practice of fellow K-State graduate, Stephen B. Hodes, in Mine Hill, NJ before acquiring the [then] Scranton Dog and Cat Hospital in 1984. Now known as Scranton Animal Hospital, the clinic is one of the oldest continuously operating small animal practices in the United States.

Clients of SAH come from far and wide, often traveling great distances in search of services that include work with exotic animals, and special radiology and dentistry services.

With a long history of community involvement, Dr. Dorton’s past credits include writing and producing ìPetlineî, a daily pet-topic radio show; numerous appearances on ìCall the Doctorî, a local live television show; 27 years serving as Attending Veterinarian on the University of Scrantonís IACUC, ensuring the humane treatment of animals in research; 15 years of service on the board of the [then] Lackawanna County Humane Society, and; serving as president of Northeastern Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association. Throughout his long career, Dr. Dorton was well know for specializing in canine reproduction, continually honing his skills for more than 30 years. Currently, Dr. Dorton serves as a board member for Bianca’s K9 Haven, a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and training abandoned and shelter dogs to become emotional support and therapy dogs.

Dr. Dorton has also taught at Johnson College and is a guest presenter to veterinary students. He frequently mentors aspiring veterinarians, many who go on to build successful careers of their own.

Dr. Dorton is an avid outdoorsman and feels blessed by the rich beauty of Northeastern Pennsylvania. An expert canoer, kayaker, hiker and camper he is often found enjoying wilderness trips in all sorts of weather with family and friends ñ whoever is willing to partake in the adventure at hand.